LivingValues sessions are delivered through a facilitation process wherein:

  • An ambiance of freedom and trust is created which enables the participant to express his views and opinions freely without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.
  • Engaging Tools such as incidents, anecdotes, objects, situations, games and activities are used to provide insights, inspire and motivate
  • Debrief sessions follow to explore different perspectives with thought provoking questions / posers to enable creative thinking and connect with the theme
  • Participants are allowed / left to make their own conclusions.



The outcomes of LivingValues program have been profound. Students, Parents, Teachers, and School managements keep sharing insights, instances and incidents that highlight the positive influence of the program.

Click here for some of the experiences.

The following are commonly observed amongst the students:

  • Lesser privileged get more confident, connected and Well-to-do get motivated to share, care
  • Becomes orderly, neat, tidy
  • Sticks to times, starts understanding priorities
  • Exhibits politeness, avoids rude behaviour
  • Shows concern when someone is hurt, sick
  • Starts assisting in household chores
  • Starts connecting with nature, co-creation
  • Starts looking at fairness of means (in addition to the fairness of purpose)
  • Starts using resources responsibly
  • Improves responsiveness to insults, failures
  • Improves competitiveness
  • Shows an inclusive orientation towards success

The key collateral learnings that happen alongside include:

  • Learn and understand through experience that different dimensions/ perspectives are possible for a given situation, when viewed by different individuals
  • Start to accommodate, respect and appreciate others’ perspectives
  • Develop readiness to listen to others and being patient to present own views
  • Improve their creativity and spontaneity, thinking differently, out-of-the-box
  • Become confident to present their perspectives
  • Start being firm (in own convictions) and flexible (towards others’ opinions)


As a result, the academic performances of the Students also get influenced positively.

During the sessions, Students provide a variety of perspectives and insights – click here for some of them.